Complete Female ENS Package


Complete Package of ENS Uniforms. Includes SDB Coat, Slacks or Skirt, Striping, WLS, & Tie, 1 Summer White set with Slacks or Skirt and Belt, Choker Coat & Slacks or Skirt, ENS Hard & Soft Boards, Cap Complete w/Device & Chin Strap, Shoulder Bars, Collar Bars and Mini Cap Device w/ENS Bar Also the shoulder board adapter for your choker. Please specify for uniform sets if you want slacks or skirts for each. Enter your designation for Sleeve Device and Measurements.

We will need Height & Weight, Cap size and Skirt length also. We will contact you to verify. Thank you, Abbott’s

Select Skirt or Slacks for Each Uniform

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Measurements, Height & Weight

This is critical for us to properly fit you and we keep this information on record & private, for future orders and it helps our team get that perfect fit. NOTE: We may adjust any selected size based on height, weight & any additional provided measurements so you get a truly tailored comfortable fit.

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