Decades of Crafting Uniforms 

Abbott Military Tailors, Inc. Providing Masterfully Crafted Uniforms Since 1947.

Abbott’s Military Tailors, Inc. is a military clothing store that has supplied uniforms to Naval Air Station Pensacola officers for seventy years, since 1947. From 1977 to 2009 it is located at the southeast corner of Palafox and Intendencia Streets. Over the years we have provided superior quality custom uniforms and accessories to Naval Officers throughout the world. Our reputation for quality and service is respected throughout the US Navy.

Our services were expanded to the Airlines in 1990, when Abbott Airline Uniforms became a certified uniform vendor for major commercial airlines. We now provide the finest Airline apparel in addition to our Military Line.

Truly Distinctive

Abbott Uniforms are unique in that all are made expressly for our company and not available through other sources. Our policy insures that each customer is pleased with both our products and our service. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to being of service to you for your uniform needs.

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